Phillips Paul, Geb. Datum 16.05.1974   

Kurz bis olympic Distance, and....


Sportliche Stellung: vom Fussballer zum Triathleten  

Erfolge: Finisher Greifenseelauf 2011-12, Hallwilerseelauf 2012, Finisher Frauenfeld und Züri Triathlon 2013    

Ziele: Half Ironman Distance.... muss ich gut überlegen :-) ein Wettkampf (in the UK) mit zu machen... who knows maybe with Team Varioserv?? Fit und gesund zu bleiben! 

Racebericht Paul Ironman Switzerland 2017

Well what a great day i had on Sunday for my first ever Ironman. Got up at 4.15 after a very good sleep, nerves still not really kicking in but that was ok for me. Put the porridge on and got my special power porridge ready for the long day ahead. Lots of suncream as its forecast to get a little warm later on. Got to the transition area and it was already quite busy with Athletes filling their bags and preparing bikes. After sorting out all my stuff it was time to get the Wetsuit on and make my way to swim start. Still not really that nervous i was feeling good, actually looking forward to getting in the water. Said goodbye to loved ones and fellow team members and off we go, swim was for my standard very good and i got out the water after 3.8km in 1hr 17 min. Once on the bike the plan from coach was to be defensive, hold the power until after 4 hours have passed. I was feeling good but still kept the plan going until i was on the 2nd round. Funny enough i started to pass people who drove me down on the first round. Beginners mistake starting out to quick i thought. :-) Also had to have a pee at one point but i wasn’t getting of the bike. (Felt sorry for the guy behind me coming down off Heartbreak hill :-) Got into transition after 180 km 6hrs 5 min bike and surprisingly my legs felt good, i was able to get changed very quickly with the help of some great volunteers. Got out onto the run and yes the legs were feeling heavy for the first 5 km's, but i was already into a great rhythm and slowly the legs started to also play the game. I was feeling extremely good and was very surprised at how i was holding my planned pace. After a while i really started to settle in and things were feeling surprisingly great, taking my time at the food stations and now only taking energy gel/bars and small pieces of food. Last part of the marathon 35-42km i was only drinking water and Coca-cola. Nothing else would go down but that was ok with me as it seem to work just fine. I was really enjoying my race and didn’t really get into any bad patches or hit any walls along the way. Was great to finish in such a good time after training so hard over the past year. Getting into the finish line was an immense feeling with everybody going crazy and the speaker shouting Paul Phillips. You are an Ironman!!! I would like to thank all team members and fans on the course and also at the finish line. And a great big thanks to Livia, Laurina and Nelio who had to put up with an Ironman training Daddy.

Racebericht Paul

Well what can i say?

Very hot, and sticky and that was even before my short journey began on the 27th of July from the Landiweise in Zurich.

It all started quite relaxed on the day with Marco, Reto and myself enjoying a nice relaxing time in the shade taking in the morning atmosphere filling up on plenty of fluids (water not beer). Slowly but surely we all started to get a little nervous thinking about the Swim challenge that stood before us. I was just looking forward to getting out the water the otherside and i am sure the same was going through Marco’s head but he was doing his best not to show it. It all started well in the water with pre race shots where Barbara joined us and gave me a few last minute swim Tips. :-) The swim started well with a few kicks and knocks to the body but i thought to myself keep your head out of the water until you are in the clear and then try and get into a good rhythm.

It wasn’t until about half way into the swim that i started to find a rhythm that was good for me and started to settle down for the last few hundred metres back into Saffa Island. When i got out of the water i actually felt quite good, a trouble free transition, out onto the bike and heading towards Zurich. The bike went really well taking every opportunity possible to pour water over my head to keep the temperature at bay as the sun really started to beat down.

Got back into the transition area after the 3 bike laps with no trouble on the way and my legs were feeling really quite good so must have paced the bike well over the 40 kms. Another trouble free and quick transition and it was time to get the old legs into a gear and head out for the 10kms with intentions in mind to set a good pace.

How wrong was i because after 2 km’s my legs were telling me to give up and go home. This feeling didn’t really change, and for the whole 10k my legs were struggling but i was determined to keep going. Marco and me actually left the transition area at the same time with him about 50 metres in front but with his strong running skills he started to open up the gap. At most of the water stations i was picking up 3 cups of water, one to drink and the other two were just for my head to keep cool. By the time i finished my shoes were about 5kg’s heavier what with all the excess water.

Thanks to all the great support from the Trimotion Varioserv members and good friends who supported me on the way, i was able to cross the finish line in a reasonable time for my first ever longish triathlon experience.

Now looking forward to the next one in Uster this month.